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May 2016 Update

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3D Model

March 2016 Update

Even Tim Cook keeps himself up-to-date on progress by watching these videos.
— Fortune Magazine, March 6, 2016

February 2016 Update

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs

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January 23, 2016

2016 Apartment Timeline:

📰 January 18, 2016: (KTVU) Latest storm brings flooding, power outages, damage...

📰 January 22, 2016: (KTVU) City of Pacifica declares local emergency

📰 January 23, 2016: (KTVU) Several cliffside homes in Pacifica threatened...

📰 January 23, 2016: (KTVU) Amazing new video of Pacifica homes in danger

📰 January 25, 2015: (KTVU) More oceanfront apartments deemed uninhabitable...

📰 February 18, 2016: (KTVU) Pacifica apartment on crumbling cliff demolished

📰 March 12, 2016: (KTVU) Pacifica tearing down red-tagged cliffside apartments

A Perfect Drone Opportunity:

"A lot of us who are drone enthusiasts or work in the profession are really interested in the idea of drones for good, the idea that drones are just a tool that you can do what you like with."
-Eric Cheng

El Nino providing scientists with key information

El Nino waves are taking a human toll, but the crumbling hillsides of San Francisco are providing scientists with a goldmine of information. Carter Evans reports with more.

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3D MapPing

Cupertino, California

Pacifica, California

Orthomosaic mapping

Using Drone Deploy, Sinfiel is able to generate Orthomosaic images. The image of Apple Campus 2 below is comprised of nearly 700 individual full-resolution images.

NVDI Mapping

Drone Deploy + Sinfiel can also generate NVDI images from the same images used by Orthomosaic maps.

elevation mapping

Drone Deploy + Sinfiel also calculates highly sophisticated elevation data to create elevation maps.

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